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    Thakali Cuisine

    A great place for Thakali cuisine

    Thakali Ghar Aagan is one of the best Thakali Restaurant offering different varieties of foods with Thakali flavor. Established seven years ago by entrepreneur Narayan Prasad Sherchen from Mustang, Thakali Ghar Aagan is a popular restaurant located on the first floor of a brick building in Bansbari area, near to Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre (SGNHC). Sherchen, who is an expert in hospitality industry with experience of more than 10 years in Japan. From there, he was impressed and motivated to establish Thakali Ghar Aagan. He concentrated all his efforts to provide hygienic authentic Thakali Cuisine and quality service to the guests.

    Once you choose some of the specialized foods from the long menu, you will feel your presence in Thak Khola region, in the lush mountain valley of very beautiful place, Mustang.

    The entry to the corridor of Thakali Ghar Aagan, will make you impress by an artificial falls, traditional ‘dhikki-jaato’ copper pots and pans, Thakali style kitchen with oil lamps. You can sit on comfortable cushions taking off your shoes or you can use the tables to experience Thakali food. You can buy different organic food items like beans and grains produced in Myagdi, Mustang and adjoining hilly areas which are well decorated and easily seen in the rack there. There is a facility of family room and VIP room on the 2nd floor of the restaurant. TGA is also a suitable venue for meeting and gathering. Professional cooks, courteous staffs and a brief journey back to Thak Khola through its decor are other note worthy attractions of TGA.

    The most popular of the Thakali Cuisine is Thakali Thali of mutton, chicken and fish in special round thali (tray), pure Nepali ghee, salad and homemade pickles. You can experience veg and non-veg Thakali Khana set, Dhendo ( buckwheat flour) khana set, chyangra ko sukuti, aalu jeera, aalu sadheko, different items of chicken, special Thakali foods, mo:mo:, chowmein, noodles, thukpa, bhatmas chiura, deserts and varieties of thakali flavored foods in TGA. TGA has an attractive bar of Nepali wines, Apple Brandy especially from Mustang, local liquor, Thakali rice wine, Jhwain Khatte (a special homemade hot alcoholic drink) as well other imported drinks.

    Once you visit TGA, you will be satisfied by our food quality, excellent service and the very delicious food. You will feel homely peaceful atmosphere here experiencing special Thakali Cuisines. You are warmly welcome in our restaurant Thakali Ghar Aagan. For inquiries and reservations, call Thakali Ghar Aagan, Bansbari in front of Shahid Ganga National Heart Center at telephone no. 01-4018563.