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    Comfort Food

    The pleasant ambience at Ghar angan means you are guaranteed a good, homely meal with minimal fuss.

    There’s something to be said about a place that invites you to take off your shoes, multiple forks and finicky plate-ups that one finds at high- end restaurants in the city, at Thakali Ghar Angan, you are promised a homely, tasty experience nothing more, nothing less. And if you have had some experience Thakali food before and can decipher the menu, which collects general favorites alongside some rather exotic snacks and mains, even better.

    Location on the first floor of a brick building right across the street from the Shahid Gangalal Hospital in Bansbari. Ghar Angan is cozy without trying too hard; the wood and brick interiors the fabrics used are traditional, a theme that is also seen in the use of rustic implements like oil lamps and copper lined pots and pans as part of the décor. It has the feel of a well-loved place, generally buzzing with patrons- a mix of hospital professionals and visitors of patients  who also get special discounts.

    Known for combining rather subtle flavors compared to say the heat of Indian cruising Thakali food is relatively healthy, incorporating and it does a wide range of vegetables and grain verities. As a cuisine native to Thakalis, who were once trading people from the Kali Gandaki area, it was influenced by a number of cultures, which is why the ingredients are often to diverse, Also distinctive is their style of cooking: meat in particular is generally slow-cooked in iron pots until very tender.

    Having well scratched our heads over what to order, a little help from the friendly wait-staff went a long way. First up was the Churpi Fry, a plate of browned and crispy rings of Churpi, a type of hard cheese. Although I am generally a fan of most cheese, I found this a bit too sour for my taste; perhaps a dusting of sugar would have helped cut that too punchy after taste. But relief soon came in the form of the Mutton Sukuti. Crunchy pieces of fried mutton in a spicy tomato sauces, it might not have been too dare devil a choice, but the meat was cooked to chewy perfection and punctuated with pieces of fried fat juicy and utterly divine.

    Thakali Chips followed next fried buckwheat spikes accompanied by a tangy, mint- laced tomato dip, a delicious combination, Buckwheat is a common ingredient in Thakali cuisine, generally used in making thick Rotis, a healthier alternative to wheat. We ware than served the Thakali- Style noodles, boiled egg noodles tossed with a dressing of chilli, tomato mint and various spices. Minus the thick gloppy sauce that noodles are often drowned in, this was a refreshing change, and pretty tasty if not too extraordinary. After mulling over the bar list which boasted a number of exotic drinks like chhyang Fry and Apple Brandy from Mustang .we order a round of jhwain khatte, local iquor served hot with honey and roasted rice/barley. Potent Stuff.

    Finally our Thakali Khaja Set was brough in which coincidentally was what most people around us were eating. We had opted for rice instead of Dhendo(thick grainy porridge of sorts). And it was heaped in a mound in the center of the plate topped by a crunchy piece of paapad, while little bowls containing the side dishes were placed around it in an array of pretty colours , a typically Thakali style of presentation. The chicken and mutton sides, along with the redbean daal and the okra and potato combo not too spicy went well with the rice, while the accompanying pickles and chutneys provided a punch. The set was finished off with a small bowl of yummy dahi, cold and to sweet soothe the palate.

    What Ghar Angan suggests, is the comfort of home-cooked food and a distinctly non-fussy atmosphere, with hearty meals and traditional snacks as long as you don’t go too heavy on the drinks, of course it is a good place for a wholesome, leisurely lunch.